Which is the Big Island?


Which Hawaiian island is the big island?



Aloha @BilloftheBeach,

The Big Island is also known as Hawaii and is known for the towns Kona, Hilo, and recent active volcanic eruptions. Although it is the biggest island (as in all of the other islands can fit inside of it) it is not the main island most think of and visit, which is Oahu.

Most tourists come to Oahu first, stay in Waikiki, spend the majority of their time on Oahu, and maybe jump to one or two other islands on 20-30 minutes puddle jumpers.

Hawaiian Airlines offers inter-island flights for around $140-160, and it’s worth doing if you can because each island is completely different than the others.

If you’ve already booked your hotels, you can even fly to another island early in the morning, hire a car for the day to drive around, then fly back in the evening.

Have fun and try to get to at least one other island while you’re here, you’ll thank yourself for it :slight_smile: