What's Waikiki Beach like?


What’s Waikiki Beach like? Can someone share photos? Is it better to stay on the beach or close by?



I think its worth experiencing Waikiki beach for all it is. Different parts of the beach seem to host different types of people. Go for a walk and find your spot.

Its warm to swim in and the sand is nice to walk on.

The far left is less populated and if you head even further down to the aquarium you will find a few locals.

There are definitely nicer beaches on the island but not with the vibe of Waikiki.



Waikiki Beach has 8 sections and each has names.

  1. Duke Kahanamoku Beach and a man made lagoon – Hilton Hawaiian Village area and Ilikai and Modern Honolulu are access to this beach. Weekly Friday night fireworks is on the lagoon. Beach is more wide rooms and less people

  2. Fort Derussy Beach Park – Hale Koa (Military hotel) and Outrigger Reef on the Beach Hotel. Fort DeRussy Beach Park is the only section in the surrounding upper Waikiki area that provides a beautiful grassy park setting with palm trees, shade, and picnic tables.

  3. Gray’s Beach – Halekulani Hotel. Very small beach because the waves continuous erosion to the sand.

  4. Royal Hawaiian Beach – This is the center of Waikiki Beach. Royal Hawaiian Hotel and The Moana Surfrider Hotel. Royal Hawaiian Beach is a great spot to catch a Catamaran chartered ride or paddle out on a Hawaiian outrigger canoe, or even take on surfing Waikiki Beach waves. It is very crowded all the time and small sandy beach area.

  5. Prince Kuhio Beach – The Ponds. It constructed two back-to-back concrete walls that stretch about 40 yards into the ocean. Hyatt Regency Waikiki

  6. Queen Kapiolani Beach – Used the Hawaiian Royalty (Alii) were enjoying the surfing themselves. The old time, Alii started the surfing as a game and the surfing was Ali`i’s sports not for Kamaainna (regular people)

  7. Kaimana Beach – New Ohtani Kaimana Hotel. Another side of Waikiki Aquarium. Much quiet and Hawai`i locals have a picnic on weekends and holidays. the Winter time’s sunset is very beautiful from this beach.

  8. Outrigger Canoe Club Beach – very small and more private beach for Outrigger Canoe Club and Michelle’s French Restaurant.