What month is cheaper to fly to Hawaii?


I’ve heard prices drop during certain seasons, which months are the cheapest to buy?



In New Zealand it appears that a bunch of deals come out in November (Black Friday) and through December for flying Jan-April) then during those months they advertise for May-Sept but there aren’t quite as many deals as its our peak travel winter months. Obviously any time outside of school holidays are best for getting a deal. Early december it seems you can get a good deal because most people are not travelling then. Its also a quieter time on the islands so if you want Hawaii with less crowds that would be a good time.



In Hawai`i, there are off-season and peak season.

Peak season is, of course, the Spring break (mid-February to March), Summer vacation (June to mid-August), and Holiday season (mid-November to beginning January)

The off-season is in between these peak seasons. April to May and September to October.

Many Asia visitors book their vacation earlier so you better looking for your trip earlier as well. Hawai`i vacation is not good for the last minutes booking. There is no promotion or discounted items left when the last minutes, especially family and group travelers. At least 6 months before your trip or earlier is the best to shop the trip. Travel Agents will let you put a deposit and the final payment is one month prior to the trip departure.

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