What is Turo car rental?


has anyone used an app called Turo? is it good? any issues?



Yes! We had a great experience with this. Simply put its like Air BNB for cars. Individuals put their vehicles on the APP for people to rent.

Once you have set up an account and put your details including licence and credit card over you can book it.

Every experience is going to be individual as you are dealing with different people I guess … but ours was great… Easy, quick and we just dropped it off when we agreed with the owner.



Save 25$ on Kimmy’s car


Turo seems to be a great option other than hiring a car from the big car rental companies in Waikiki. It’s cheaper and more of a selection thru Turo.

I’m friends with a nice local girl “Kimmy” who has a brand new car that fits 5 comfortably and its listed at $64 a day. Below is a link to save a extra $25 off when booking.


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