What is the most delicious seafood dish?


Me and my family are planning to take a vacation this coming holidays for us to relax. There are so many dishes that you can offer us but we want to know the best dish that can make us come back in Hawaii after we taste it.



Aloha Seijo,
Hawaii has so many great food to try, different cultures food, great famous shef restaurants, etc.
Hawaii’s famous seafood are Garlic Shrimp from Kahuku food trucks or Haleiwa food trucks and Poki bowl (marinated ahi with white rice in a bowl) from Fresh Catch in Kaimuki.
Food truck is very poplular in Hawaii. Most popular food truck town is Kahuku Sugar Mill in Kahuku, North Shore.

I hope you are enjoy to stay in Hawaii.




Aloha Seijo,

There are tons of delicious places to eat here in Hawaii. If you are looking for seafood restaurants then we have many sushi places here on island. In Waikiki, my favorite sushi restaurant is Chiba-Ken, great food selection from uni (sea urchin) and amaebi to tempura, they also have great alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink selections as well. If you are looking for a more “tourist” spot that’s cheaper but has seafood definitely check out kahuku shrimp down in Haleiwa, best shrimp truck. Another great restaurant is called Akasaka which is located right next to Ala Moana. This is another great place with awesome food, a little more on the pricey side. I hope this helped you even just a little! Enjoy your vacation when you get here!


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Hi Seijo,

I highly recommended Hawaiian Poke Bowl at Ono seafood in Kapahulu Ave. next to Jack in the box. and Garlic/Coconut Shrimp plate at Tsuen’s Farm in North Shore.

I grew up with eating seafood, and they are my favorite. Think you might like it too.


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