What is the best souvenir to buy in Hawaii?


What is the best souvenir to buy in Hawaii?

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Aloha!!! :hibiscus::hibiscus::hibiscus:
There are so many Hawaii souvenirs you can find and take back home with you, besides your amazing experiences you had on the beautiful island of oahu!
One of the most popular stores in waikiki is the ABC store which you can find almost every block and in most hotels in waikiki, they have Hawaii sun dresses, slippers, towels, beach accessories, Hawaii shell bracelets and necklaces and even keychains, or a Hawaii postcard and Calendar if you want to remember and be taken back every month to the beautiful island and so much more!
Another popular store which is on the North shore, this is perfect if your renting a car or just want to check out the other side of Oahu. It’s the Matsumoto Shave Ice!! Below is their basic info:

Their address is…66-087 kamehameha Hwy, Haleiwa HI 96712.
Hours: Monday to Sunday : 9am to 6pm
Parking: lots of parking in the back
Email: info@matsumotoshaveice.com

Matsumoto Shave ice has been around since 1951 and personally I drive up there twice a month to get a Shave ice fix and a matsumoto souvenir for myself. Shave ice is shaved ice in a cup/cone/bowl (of your choice) with yummy syrup flavors. (Ex: lilikoi, strawberry, vanilla, guava, and so much more)! And while eating you can sit outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. Matsumotos has t shirts, bags, mugs, keychains etc to take back home! :hibiscus::hibiscus::hibiscus: these are just 2 of many you can check out!

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You should try heading to the the Aloha Stadium for the swap meet. They have many locally made crafts and such. Tribal print shirts are very popular for the tourists and locals. Have a favorite football team? Awesome! One of the the tents at the swap meet has your team logo with tribal prints on it. They open every Wednesday’s and on the weekends. There is a parking fee of $1/ person in your vehicle.

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Aloha Ayyvyy,

Perhaps the most iconic are the boxes of chocolate covered macadamia nuts. Now I know what you’re thinking, “jonjonv I need something more iconic than that!” Well if you’re looking to step your souvenir/omiyage/gift game I would recommend getting shirts/hats/stickers from with Hawaii’s Finest or 88 Tees.

Hawaii’s Finest sports a lot of great urban wear and they are one of the most recognizable brands on the street. You can find your island and Hawaii Kingdom inspired gifts for the guys, ladies, and kids in your life. You can see their products here https://www.hifinest.com/

88tees is a mainstay in Waikiki and boasts designs of their iconic character, the often bikini-clad Yaya. They have designs for every occasion and style and was made particularly famous by the Terrace House series that was set in Hawaii. You can find their products here https://88tees.com/

Or get a Hydroflask. It’s one of the trendiest water bottles and it lives up to its hype. They tend to be pricy so you could opt for a Fifty/Fifty bottle. You can find Hydroflasks at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and Whole Foods and Fifty/Fifty bottles at Don Quijote. Hydroflasks does offer more islandy colors so it wins for the looks. If you want simple go with the Fifty/Fifty.

These are probably your best bet for trendy, stylish, and iconic souvenirs that you can keep and wear on a regular basis.

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One thing you DEFINITELY should not buy or take is a lava rock, it’s bad luck. When you get a chance ask a local about taking lava rocks out of Hawaii, almost all of them have a story or two.

Supposedly the local post office is full of lava rocks that people took home as souvenirs, then they had terrible luck, and they sent them right back to Hawaii.

For good souvenirs, check out Bailey’s Antiques and Aloha Shirts on Kapahulu. Lots of good stuff in there!