Waikiki shopping international marketplace


How is the new international marketplace? How's it different from the old one, which is better?



The new Waikiki international market place is more upscale compare to the previous waikiki international market place. The previous one, had alot of fun small stores and kiosks that sold hand made jewelry, made in hawaii souvenirs, aloha wear, fun sayings on shirts, local foods, etc…it was a fun one stop place you could find anything for a family member, friend, any occasion, great hawaii souvenirs to take back home, personally I could stay there all day from opening to closing and not be bored once!
The new upscale waikiki international market place is a actual outdoor mall, more for tourists or locals who is having a stay cation in waikiki. They have restaurants such as Flour and Barley on the 3rd level which has hand made pizzas, different selection of beers, open air seating so you could see the waikiki strip from above and even catch the sunset. For more of a quick eat selection they have gomatei which is a Japanese restaurant that has tasty noodles, very tasty broth, currys, katsu. Also known globally is the Michael mina The Street located on the first floor near Saks fifth Avenue. They have a variety of culinary treats from Acai bowls, Pizzas, Beers, Burgers, Mexican, Smoothies, American BBq with Asian fusion and so much more!
As for shopping in the new Waikiki International Market Place, just to name a few. They have Fossil (watch store), Clark’s, Fabletics, Abercrombie and Fitch, Crazy Shirts, Abc stores (hawaii souvenirs), Burberry, Godiva (chacolate lovers), Gamestop, GNC and many more.
The previous waikiki international market place personally was endless possibilities of fun, weird, interesting things you could find everyday that was very affordable and more of a relaxing atmosphere with not only tourists but local people would love to go.
The new waikiki international market place is more for tourists and more for the experience. If your visiting, or even a local staying in waikiki. Yes go and definitely check it out!

Happy shopping and yummy eating! Enjoy the waikiki international market place!!!:hibiscus::hibiscus::hibiscus::hibiscus:



Aloha safeTravels,

The new Waikiki International Market was completed in 2016. And the major change that it is really an upscale shopping area now, whereas the old Waikiki International Marketplace had a bit of something for everyone. The old Marketplace also had a lot more vendors who were local, you see this is a total reversal today where a lot of the stores are major corporate brands. So the major difference from then and now was the very local and mom and pop stores to some of the same stores you might find in your malls back home.

One thing that I appreciate is that they kept the huge banyan tree towards the entrance of the International Market Place on the Kalakaua Avenue side. That tree is simply glorious and functions as the beating heart of the Marketplace.

Their parking lot gets very packed because have pretty good happy hour rates. If you’re driving in, make sure to visit at least one store and get your parking ticket validated. My $18 ticket was discounted to a $4 parking ticket so save your money for more fun things to do! One thing about the old Market place was it was a p[lace you had to walk to. Having parking at the International Marketplace is a godsend so that you can spend more time having fun for yourself and with your family.

The International Marketplace is something I would recommend as part of your sights and sounds of Waikiki checklist. I would say go for for some Oyster Happy Hour at Herringbone, drop down for some more food at either The Street, and then finish it off with some ice cream at Magnolia. With that you just went around the world through food.

Have lots of fun and Aloha!