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What’s the best and cheapest way to get to Waikele from Waikiki?

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Aloha, Samaga! Really great question! In looking for the best and cheapest way from Waikiki to Waikele, one must take into consideration that the best or most convenient way is not necessarily the cheapest, and the cheapest way is not necessarily the best. The following are a few of the options available, and you can make your decision as to what will most conveniently fit your budget.

The cheapest way from Waikiki to Waikele is the Island of Oahu’s public transportation (bus) system known as the TheBus. To get from Waikiki (Kuhio Ave) with the least amount of transferring would be to jump on to the letter E bus from designated express bus stops along Kuhio Avenue. These bus stops all have signs which tell riders what busses stop at that location. You will look for a sign that displays the letter E. Board the E bus and take it to Waipahu, and you will get off at Paiwa and Hiapo Streets. Walk up Paiwa Street for about 17 minutes and take a right at KFC. Walk down that street and the Waikele outlets will be visible on the left hand side where Mcdonalds is. The fare for a person from Waikiki to Waikele, is $2.75 per person per way, but it would be a better deal to take advantage of a day pass, at $5.50 per person with unlimited rides for one day.

The next option would be a shuttle service and there are many of them if you look online. Searching for a shuttle with service from anywhere in Waikiki to Waikele online I found a shuttle service that will pick you up at your hotel and take you to Waikele and back for a charge of $18.00 per person. This shuttle service is run by Ohana Transit and riders may pay online at http://www.ohanatransit.com/WaikeleOutlets.html.

The third option would be to go with ride sharing apps like uber or lyft, but it will be the most expensive option available, with a ride cost of about $40-50 per way. This option will cost you more if you have more than 4 people in your group.

Thus, the most convenient way to and from Waikele from Waikiki seems to be option 2, with a nominal cost of $18 per per person and includes a ride back.