Waikiki hotels on the beach


is there a list of all waikiki's beachfront hotels, and which is best?



Here are all of the hotels on Waikiki Beach, listed west (Ala Moana-side) to east (Diamond Head-side).
Hilton Hawaiian Village
Hale Koa
Outrigger Reef
Sheraton Waikiki
Royal Hawaiian
Outrigger Waikiki Beach
Moana Surfrider

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Hale Koa is a Military facility so that it is for only military personnel and families.

Here are additional hotels on the Waikiki Beach.

Prince Waikiki, Modern Honolulu and Ilikai Hotel
are in front of ocean but there is not on the Beach. There is a boat harbor. All hotels offer great service and unique. Prince Waikiki offers all rooms are Oceanfront room.

Castle Waikiki Shore – beachfront Condominium. You can purchase a room stay from the suppliers.

Halekulani – a beautiful resort on the beach and has a great history.

New Ohtani Kaimana – East end of Waikiki. on the beach facility. The great beach, less crowd but more space of beach area.

What your mean “best” the price, service, or location? Most on the beach hotels are higher prices than inside street hotels and have many histories.

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Thanks @Keiko_Mori - by best I meant are there any beachfront hotels that are known to be more outstanding than others, like would anyone say “if you’re staying on Waikiki beach you HAVE TO stay at…” It can be hard to tell by just looking at reviews online.

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I understand you! I am a local travel agent so I always go to meet hotel and activity sales managers to learn more detail by myself. Yes, it is very hard to just look at the hotel picture or its location on the map.

I like Halekulani for more luxury and romantic, but its beach is very small. You just walk on the beach to Royal Hawaiian Hotel side or Outrigger Reef on the Beachside. All beaches in Hawai`i are public beach so anyone can go to any beaches.

If you are with a family, Hilton Hawaiian Village has different options with 5 buildings plus Timeshare buildings. The Ali`i Tower is the best on the oceanfront and the Rainbow Tower is the next also on the oceanfront but rooms are facing to Diamond Head with the ocean or Harborside with the ocean, not really oceanfront rooms. Hilton Hawaiian Village has own shopping stores and Restaurants lined up in the village. The Duke Kahanamoku Lagoon is fun for Surfboard Yoga or practicing Stand Up Board. Every Friday night fireworks at the Lagoon.

Royal Hawaiian Hotel and Moana Surfrider are historic buildings and luxury, the buildings are old and not many rooms have lanai (veranda.) Boty hotels are Starwood group.