Waikiki Beach Catamarans


What’s the difference between all of the different catamarans on Waikiki Beach?

Which ones are best for

  • drinking
  • snorkeling
  • families & kids
  • adults
  • parties
  • friday fireworks

Where’s the best place to book?
How far in advance to book?



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My favorite catamaran is the Nohoku 2 (red & yellow one pull up on the beach behind the Outrigger Waikiki hotel).

It departs 11:30am, 1:30pm, 3:30pm and sunset cruise 53:0pm-6pm approx. I prefer the day time cruises because there is plenty sunshine and great pic’s.

Free domestic beer and premixed Mai Tai’s :slight_smile:

It’s a 1:30hr sail, but show up and board half a hour early (11am, 1pm, 3pm) and for $40ea it turns an hour & a half cruise into a 2hr open bar :slight_smile:

Have some fun in the sun off Waikiki beach with views of Waikiki hotels & Diamond Head.

See you there, Kevo

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Manakai catermaran is my favorite! It’s small, cheap and cheerful. Their sunset sail is really fun- $35 It’s BYO so you can bring a few drinks from the ABC store! They also do a marine life tour in the morning that includes snorkeling for $50. And regular tours throughout the day for $30 I think it is. :slight_smile: