Waikiki Beach Bars


Which are the best bars on the beach?



Aloha @MusicCzar!

Koa Oasis Booze Shack is known to be “the closest beer to the beach,” because it’s literally right across the boardwalk from the beach.

Also, a stone’s throw away there is The Steak Shack, which has $9+ steak plates.

FYI, this area is also a prime location for watching Friday night fireworks at 7:45 pm, although the Steak Shack I mentioned above closes at 7:00 pm.

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I love Rumfire at the Sheraton Waikiki. Epic view, poppin’ at night with cool torchlit vibe.

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Don’t forget Dukes. If you get a table outside downstairs you are literally on the beach. One of my first nights in Waikiki was drinking a Mai Tai and 3 meters away watching surfers washing down their surf boards. I mean … come on! So cliche - so cool! So Hawaii!