waikiki average hotel cost per night


How much does it cost to stay in a hotel in Hawaii?



Aloha @packsandbunks!

For a decent, clean, modern, centrally located hotel room on Waikiki, count on spending an average of about $200 a night. Keep in mind when you book your room that resort fees and taxes will be added on to the cost of the room. You will pay a 4-4.7% GET tax depending on which island you are on, a 10% transient accommodation tax, and either a $10-$40 resort fee per night or a similar daily rate for parking. Plan on the total cost of your accommodations to be an additional 25% more than the base price you are paying for the room. These prices will roughly apply to accommodations anywhere in Hawaii, so it’s best to choose which island and location you are interested in first, then do some local bargain hunting in that area.

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Thanks, are resort fees just a Hawaii thing? We’ve stayed at other resorts outside of Hawaii and haven’t had “resort fees.” Is it just some hidden cost or do you actually get something for it? Thanks, this is really helpful. We hadn’t considered all the extra costs.