Waikiki aquarium


How’s the Waikiki aquarium? is it worth going to, how’s $ and what are the coolest animals there?



The Waikīkī Aquarium has a long and venerable history. Open on March 19, 1904 , it is the second-oldest public aquarium in the United States. As the Aquarium enters its 110th anniversary year in 2014 , it will again undergo facility improvements, exhibit revitalizations and welcomed additions, with the first being the green sea turtle exhibit with the six hatchlings on loan from Sea Life Park (located Eastsouth of Oahu.)

You can visit Hoa, a Hawaiian Monk Seal 10 years old male. Hawaiian Monk Seal is the most endangered Marine animal species in the world and is endemic to the Hawaiian Islands. Hoa has eye sights problem because of it he cannot survive in the wild, so that NOAA brought him to Waikiki Aquarium. You can watch Ho`a’s lunch training around 2pm everyday.

Other residents of the Aquarium are many different Hawaiian tropical fishes and invertebrates.

The Aquarium offers the Diamond Head Luau in front of the beach. You enjoy the sunset as well.

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Aloha @Keiko_Mori,

Mahalo for your info - you know so much!

Do you know if the aquarium is included in Diamond Head Luau? Have you been to the DHL, would you recommend it? Sorry for more questions :slight_smile:

Many mahalos!



Aloha MusicCzar,

No problem! Diamond Head Luau is operating by Aloha Hawaii Tours, so not including the aquarium admission fee. Luau's hours is after the aquarium closed (5pm) but you are able to see Hoa, Hawaiian Monk Seal when you go to the luau. Yes, it is great location for the sunset from the venue of Luau. Also the venue is the East end of Waikiki near by the Honolulu Zoo so you don’t worry about the transportation or traffic. The luau admission: $159.00/adult, $139.00/youth, $89.00/child (4 to 12 years old), Free/Lap child (0 to 3 years old) VIP seating (front of the stage) $30.00/person additional to the admission. The luau is about 20 tables setting so it is not too big.



The Diamond Head Luau is actually not operated by Aloha Hawaii Tours, not sure where that came from! But tickets to the luau DO include admission to the Aquarium (before the show)! The food is Farm to Table so locally sourced from farms here in Hawaii. But the comment about location is true, you can walk to it from Waikiki and can see beautiful sunsets from the lawn!

Hope this helps :slight_smile: Aloha