Waikele Outlet shopping tips?



Excited about Waikele Outlets, any tips? Any shopping haul photos :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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If you fly with Hawaiian Airlines you can take your ticket to the information booth and they’ll give you a free gift!

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  1. Bring an empty rolling suitcase (to fill up :slight_smile:)
  2. The best sales are around the holidays (but get there early)
  3. There’s another shopping area across the street from Waikele with more discount stores
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It might be the outlets but don’t be shy about asking for further discount. Often some of the stores will totally give you a little bit more off.

Also if you catch a shuttle bus some companies will give you a discount booklet for further discount.



Download the Premium Outlets App to get their FREE coupon book. The app also has coupons that beat the printed coupons, so have your phone handy to compare them at checkout.



-Kate Spade at Waikele Outlets has the usual 40% off storewide, but if you go on Friday-Sunday they give you an extra 25% off coupon as you walk in.

-For big shoppers, hire a car and it’ll save you (or your hubby) from carrying loads of bags everywhere. Just store them in the car.

-Also read this Waikele Outlets guide before you go.



Go early, stop for lunch and don’t wait too long if you need the bathroom (queues!!) Catch the last shuttle back. Also … if you want to stay longer or leave earlier a return Uber to Waikiki is around $35 … don’t let shuttle people bully you that you HAVE to go back with them. That happened to me once. It is courtesy to tell them if you are able.



The foodtrucks out the back are great … but if you want a sit down lunch go across the road and after you have bought a ton of stuff at the GAP outlet (totally worth it because $5 sweaters!!) there is a great sushi place.



As mentioned across the road is GAP and Old Navy outlets. Totally worth the walk across the road. also Petco - go buy your pets who are missing you back home a gift. Donate to the SPCA while you are there. Be a good human <3



Wear comfy shoes!!!

Also natural sunblock (note chemical sunblock is not allowed in Hawaii as its destroying the planet - buy something at the ABC stores).

Take a bottle of water - a hydro flask from Wholefoods will keep your water cool even in 90 degree heat. Worth the purchase and its a keepsake.

Map out what you want to buy and which stores to go to. it might not seem like a big place but you will clock up the steps in that place. I average 10-15K on a day at Waikele.

Don’t have regrets. If you want it, buy it. Its an outlet place so it probably won’t be there if you go back.



Some shopping shuttles let you adjust your return time since they go back and forth all day. If you think you might want to change your return time, speak with your driver before he or she leaves, and if you take Roberts Hawaii’s shuttle, you can speak with their rep at their Waikele kiosk (you’ll see it at the main entrance).

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If you’re headed to Waikele we’d love to take you! Find out more at

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If anyone’s hubbies are tired of shopping, there’s a Chili’s Grill & Bar right across the street from Waikele’s main entrance with drinks & sports on TV.

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Go to Waikele early in your trip BEFORE shopping at other places because Waikele will have the best deals. The stuff you cannot find there you can then look for elsewhere, like Ala Moana Shopping centre etc.

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Check out Brooks Brothers Factory Store…

Its located on South Side of Outlets