Tips for Iolani Palace?


Does anyone have advice or tips about going to Iolani Palace?



There are Guided Tours (English, Japanese, other languages) and Self-guided tours.
This palace is onle the palace for the Hawaiian Kingdom in the US soil. There are long history about the Kingdom and the Palace. I suggest you to go with Guided Tour.

Iolani Palace tours



Iolani Palace is a sacred site that has been stripped of its stature and reverence due to visitors and derelicts disregard.
To fully absorb why Iolani Palace is a modern marvel, visitors have to abandon the modern day thinking and transport themselves back into time - add to that Hawai’i’s isolation- and you’ll catch a glimpse of the feats the King, David Kalakaua, overcame and the tragedy the kingdom befell at the hands of Militial hostility.
The docents of Iolani Palace are well versed in the rich history these walls witnessed. Despite being the only non-American palace on US soil, Iolani is a constant reminder of the American mentality of growth as its beauty withstands the contemporary architecture that blossomed around the site. My hope is that you visit with an earnest hunger to learn - not to criticize.

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