Things to do when it rains - Waikiki


What are some fun things to do or good places to go when it rains in Waikiki?


What to Do on Rainy Day In Waikiki?

When it comes to rain in Hawaii… I just embrace it. The weather is so unpredictable. One second it’s perfectly sunny no clouds in the sky, the next it’s down pouring.

Whether it’s sun or rain it’s always so beautiful. I still love swimming in the ocean while it’s raining. Or jumping into a nearby hotels hot tub :smiley:

Waikiki’s shop selection is huge so if you must, just grab an umbrella and stroll the streets until the rain passes.

That’s just me though :slight_smile:

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OMG YES!!! The Marriott Resort & Spa right across from Waikiki Beach has a good sneak-in hot tub. I’ve been there a million times and nobody has ever ask questions :slight_smile:



*Here’s a few ideas, feel free to add to it :slight_smile:

Ward Movie Theater
Shop at Ala Moana
Magic of Polynesia
Dave & Busters
Hotel hot tub
International Marketplace



I haven’t tried Breakout Waikiki yet, but I imagine that would also be a good thing to do when it’s raining because it’s 100% indoors, as in, you’re locked in a room!



If you’re stuck inside you can order delivery food using Bite Squad. You can try good food and not get wet!



If you have a car you can check out waterfalls off the Ko’olau Mountains on the east side of Oahu. They’re especially nice when driving through the H1 freeway from the east side headed towards Honolulu.

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