Secret Sunset Spots


Aloha all!
If you are wanting to see some new locations for sunset shots I have a few unique locations I wanted to share with you. I have been shooting here in Oahu for over 7 years now and love finding new places to shoot. The sun moves across our horizon quite a bit during the year some so places are great for 6 months, then terrible for the other 6. Here are my 5 favorite places to shoot amazing sunsets (in no order lol)

  1. The picture provided here is near the North Shore just past Dillingham Airfield. If you drive all the way out to the end of the road it turns into a dirt parking lot with this kind of grass all over the place.

  2. Sharks Cove. This location, especially this time of year is great and the water is calm. Great for some long exposure shots!

  3. Turtle Beach. The location is amazing as is, but the bonus of maybe some turtles as well!

  4. Yokohama Bay (west side) The drive is along, but the view is so worth it and you will have the beach to yourself for the most part.

  5. China Walls. This is a little hidden spot inside of a neighborhood. Keep an eye on where you can and can not park though, but the view and the people jumping off the walls makes for some cool images!

I shoot at these 5 locations all the time and have many more! You can message us at any time or reach out to us at

Enjoy shooting and we would love to see your work!

-De-Jay - Tour Operations Manager at Oahu Photography Tours