Second chance to win a $800 Ukulele!


:raising_hand_man:Hi5 Give Away…………….

Hi5 Tours Hawaii specializes in both grouped and private tours! My name is Yianni and I’m originally from New Zealand. I moved to this beautiful part of the world 6 years ago. In 2017 I created Hi5 Tours Hawaii, a unique day adventure that connects you to the heart of Oahu through it’s food, Scenery and people of Hawai’i!

Today I have a special announcement as I will be giving away a Hawaiian made Ukulele valued at :fire:$800!!!:fire: This Ukulele is made at Koaloha one of the best Ukulele manufactures on the Island!

To ENTER all you need to do is book your Hi5 Adventure from TODAY until the end of August 2019 remember to Enter Promo Code (UKULELE) and you will automatically get 10% off the ticket price and go into the draw to win a very special Ukulele

I will draw the lucky winner on September 1st (All shipping costs will be covered by Hi5)

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