Road To Hana Tips (Maui)


-Leave early🌅
-Stop Often💥
-Be aware of flash floods and landslides💦
-Bring water, snacks and a change of clothes!:womans_hat:
-Take photos, but remember to enjoy the view with your eyes too.:eyes::palm_tree::hibiscus:
-Enjoy the journey, rather than racing to the destination😎
-Be aware of private property and pull over for locals :truck::construction:
-Try all of the fruit!:pineapple::avocado::sweet_potato::coconut:

If you have any questions about Maui or the road to Hana let me know below!



Is road to Hana dangerous?

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It can be,

Depending on the weather and some unforeseen factors.

Usually it’s sunny and nice :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

There are definitely steps you can take to ensure your safety, but I always recommend using a private tour guide who knows what to look out for.

I’ll definitely post about that soon.

Safety is always my number one priority.


Kruzin’ With Kelsey

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