Rainbow Bridge Haleiwa


Aloha, here’s the north shore’s famous Rainbow Bridge, our gateway to some of the world’s most famous beaches :call_me_hand:

It’s also one of @KevosBeachBus stops while paddle boarding or kayaking :slight_smile: and some go over, under & even off the bridge :sunglasses:



@KevosBeachBus Cool pics! Looks like fun! How long do you guys stay out on the paddle boards? Does everyone need to participate or are there other options?

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Aloha, our lunch stop Tsues farm is just outside Haleiwa town, we spend about 1hr 1/2 + there. Its also the same location we paddle board or kayak (1hr) it’s a great location for those that enjoy sup and perfect for the 1st timers ,) its calm, shallow, with outstanding views. Plus we have the rope swing into the water and leads down to the famous rainbow bridge and back. It’s some of our customers favorite stop on our day.


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Aloha, if you choose not to paddle board or kayak, you could chill at Tsues farm in a reclining chair in the shade and enjoy a relaxing shave ice or beverage:)