Pump up your phone photography!


Aloha friends from down under!

I get asked a lot about hikes around the island, and there are a ton. There are many legal ones as well and I wanted to help you out with finding the best ones you can do in the time you are here!

  1. Diamond Head: First thing is first, you will want to get there nice and early so you can beat the traffic, the other people and see what you can of the sunrise. This time of year the sun rises before 6 am, which is when the gates open. When I get there I go about 530 to be in line for when it opens. It is $5 per car, or $1 per person walking in. The hike is moderate, mostly dirt, and stairs. This hike is worth doing for the views, of course, the experience, and even the exercise. The last hiker is allowed to go up at 430pm so you have plenty of time! Make sure to bring water and sunscreen as there is not a lot of shade on this hike.

  2. Makapu’u Lighthouse Hike: This hike opens officially early as well for the parking lot. This is a 1.5-mile round trip all paved hike that is easy to navigate and worth the trip. A few hundred meters up the paved path look to the right for a dirt trail that would take you to Pele’s Chair. That is right! This hike is a two for one deal!

  3. Waimea Valley: This hike has a secret too, get there at 8:45 to have the front of the line and pay for the trolley to take you up to the waterfall before anyone else gets there. You can swim and take pictures of it to your heart’s content! You can walk back through the botanical garden at your own pace, while everyone passes you going the other way. This is also paved and about 1.5 miles round trip.

There are a ton of other hikes around the island and if you want to know more feel free to message me or go to our website for tour ideas on one of Hawaii’s best tours.

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