Plus Size Shopping in Waikiki


Here’s a list of good plus-size stores in & close to Waikiki.

Ross (Waikiki)
-Called “Womens World,” located first floor off to the left
-Plus size Nike & Reebok tees, casual blouses, wide fit shoes
-3 tops to one bottom
-Basic bottoms and fashion tops
-Nothing over $20

Macy’s (Waikiki & Ala Moana)
-$20 Calvin Klein formal dress
-Macy’s Ala Moana’s top floor is dedicate to plus sizes
-40-50% OFF original price
-Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Nike & Alfani
-Casal, dresses, & work clothes

H&M (Waikiki)
-Two racks, mostly basic, everyday tanks, jeans, button up shirts
-$12 - $24

Forever 21 (Waikiki & Ala Moana Shopping Center)
-Plus size clearance section, all under $20, all categories
-Occasionally carry plus size & wide-fit thongs (slippers in Hawaii)
-Has a whole 3rd floor dedicated to plus sizes
-Will ship to Australia if order online
-Best jeans for big butts, most denim under $40
-Lost of plus dresses 30% OFF

Ralph Lauren (Ala Moana)
-Closed :frowning:

Old Navy (Ala Moana)
-Not much past 2X, size 18
-3X must be ordered online

Walmart (next to Ala Moana)
-Basics, tanks, pants, beachwear, etc.

Target (next to Ala Moana)

TJ MaxX (Ward Center)

Torrid & Sears (Pearl Ridge Shopping Mall)
-Some find it better than Ala Moana on Black Friday
-Torrid even sells shoes for wider feet and intimates are lovely

Still working on the list, if you have questions just drop them below! :shopping:

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