Pictures of your favorite places please!


Can anyone share a few pictures of their favourite places?



Kailua never fails to disappoint…



The sultry greenery of Maunalua bay, where the very heavens seem to open up to its majestic beauty.



A favorite place of mine is in East Oahu, is Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve, home to an incredible marine ecosystem. It is here that you can learn about Hawaii’s unique reef environments and endemic species. I hiked atop the paved trail to Koko Head to grab this shot!



One of my most favorite places on this island, and perhaps even the world, is the Kalihi Ice Ponds. To get here, there’s a short hike up a road and a steep climb down through the forest which, in the end, opens up to a beautiful waterfall lagoon. You can swim across the pond and climb a rope to the top of the waterfall (but be cautious) which will bring you to a second waterfall encased by a rock cavern. Supposedly, this place has some of the coldest water on the island, and I can attest that it IS quite chilling. This magical tucked-away destination is a local hidden secret and a must-see.



Sunset at Koolina Lagoon! A must see for anyone visiting and or living here!



One of my favorite locations is Koko Head in East Honolulu and the neighborhood of Hawai’i Kai. It is 1,048 steps from the bottom to top and can be a strenuous hike for those who have never done it before. The views at the top are nothing but spectacular. You can see Waimanalo, Hawaii Kai, Hamauma Bay, and even Diamond Head and Waikiki in the distance.



wow, beautiful picture. nice work.



A favorite place of mine is Nanakuli Beach Park. 21.388064, -158.154131 If you enjoy looking for sea glass, this is the place. Although a little treacherous at times, you will be certain to find some gems! Keep your eyes peeled for the big sets coming in. You’ll be swept off your feet if you’re not paying attention. Happy glass hunting! I am sure you will see me there.



want loco? go koko!



definitely consider going on a hike within the ko’olau mountain range. such as this three hour long hike that starts at Moanalua Valley Neighborhood Park.



A unique sanctuary on ‘Oahu’s windward side, Ho’omaluhia Botantical Gardens is an otherworldly realm of magic and beauty. Wander the myriad trails of diverse plant ecosystems, or sit upon a quiet bench to behold the majesty of the Ko’olau mountains. Complete with a picturesque lake perfect for a picnic and startling photographic opportunities, this 400 acre botanical paradise is aptly named Ho’omaluhia, which translates from Hawaiian,“to make a place of peace and tranquility”.



One of my favorite places on Oahu for relaxation, meditation, picnics, and photography is Ho’omaluhia Botanical Gardens on the eastern side of the island. It’s about a 25-30 minute drive from Waikiki using the Pali Highway, and it’s absolutely worth the trip. It’s one of the few places on the island where you can find open spaces that are relatively free of tourists, and the park is extremely well-managed.

You will find picnic areas, a koi pond, a visitors center, and plenty of parking. There is a blacktop road that runs through the entire park, and the main entrance is where a lot of people will stop and take pictures for their Instagram feed (though there are signs telling you not to stand in the middle of the road, lol).

There is no admission charge, and I don’t believe they sell anything there, aside from maybe a few vending machines. If you go, just make sure to be respectful of the plant and animal life and try to follow the rules they have posted. The park sits adjacent to a residential neighborhood, so try to respect their privacy and peace by not parking or taking pictures outside the park entrance.

Overall, Ho’omaluhia Garden is a must-see if you visit Oahu, and remember to bring your camera and a picnic basket!



Here is a coupleʻs photo session on a secluded beach on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. Feel free to book a photo or video session at:



Love this post! I have been going to the kalihi Ice ponds since I was a little kid. We would pack up the car, and head over for the day. Lunch on the rocks and endless amounts of fun for the whole family.



This short hike, honestly it’s more of a walk, has one of my favorite views on this entire island. I say this because it isn’t your traditional view of coco head. Being that the ever so popular hike (coco head stairs) is on the other side. Whether it’s sunrise, sunset, or even the occasional rainbow, this spot will never cease to amaze. Thank you for reading. Hope you enjoyed the photo.



Theres no better place than a beach at sunset time! Pau Hana in hand, lite beach tunes playing and the sweet ocean air!



Recreating that famous scene from Blue Hawaii!



Lanikai Beach is beautiful!



Best view on the Island!