Pearl Harbor Tours


What’s the best Pearl Harbor Tour from

  • Waikiki
  • other islands

What are the differences, what’s included, are there additional costs, etc.

Where’s the best place to book Pearl Harbor Tours?

Is it better to take a tour or DIY by

  • renting a car
  • taking a public bus
  • taking a taxi or Uber


Pearl Harbor is located on Oahu so you better take a tour from Oahu to Pearl Harbor. From other Hawaiian Islands, you have to take a flight to come to Oahu. The tour bus stops Waikiki hotels and sometime Kahala hotel or Koolina area. If you stay in North Shore, it is a long drive, at least 1.5 hours or more one way.

By yourself, the bus takes longer to get there, from Waikiki to Pearl Harbor, takes about 1 hour or more because the bus stops the many stops on the regular road, not the highway.
Pearl Harbor has a big parking lot, if you want to drive on Hawai`i.

If you go there by yourself, you should go there very early morning. The Arizona Memorial tickets will be sold out quickly. The ticket numbers are limited per day. Many tour buses go there too.

Pearl Harbor Tours and Tickets

Difference between tours or tickets, this link explaines you.