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what are the top activities on Oahu, and what are some more local lesser known or boutique ones?



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  1. Island Tour- Either a “circle island tour” or a “north shore” tour is a must. You can hire a car and self-drive or take a tour.
  2. Pearl Harbor- You can do it solo or with a tour.
  3. Kualoa Ranch- 400 acres of breathtaking Oahu, made famous by all of the movies shot there. They have 4-wheelers, zip line, horseback riding, and a lot of other stuff.
  4. A Luau- Dinner show with traditional Hawaiian food and some arts and crafts.
  5. Polynesian Culture Center- A day-long activity where you get to experience all of the different Pacific island cultures, with a luau in the evening.
  6. Hike Diamond Head- an easy hike up the inside of a volcanic crater just 15 minutes outside Waikiki.
  7. Visit Kailua- Known for Kailua Beach, Lanikai Beach, Lanikai Pillbox Hike, and kayaking out to the Mokes (islands just off the coast).
  8. Snorkel at Hanauma Bay- Oahu’s #1 snorkel spot, inside of a volcanic crater!

This is a good start for the top activities. Have fun!



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Oahu has a variety of incredible activities to offer! :grin:
From the outdoor ones like hiking, surfing and diving. Shopping at the beautiful Ala Moana, dinning in Waikiki’s finest restaurants or learning a new craft like lei making, hula dancing or ukulele. Oahu has something for everyone!
Answering your question, more local hikes would be Crouching Lion & Kaena Point. Surfing beaches like Pueana Point with a nice protected break and friendly environment. Catching the Pillbox hike sunset after a meal at Pupukea Grill & seeing some surfers on Pipeline is definitely experiencing a local’s day off.
For a boutique experience I would recommend staying at the luxurious hotels in Waikiki, having a spa day & driving to a beach like Lanikai. A helicopter tour, lounging day at Turtle Bay Resort or snorkeling at Hanauma Bay & watching the friday night fireworks would be the luxury of a lifetime.
Oahu has something for everyone and incredible unique views. Even driving along it’s east coast, stopping at attractions like Kualoa ranch (infamous for the Jurrasic Park movie being shot there), or something as small as a cute swingset on a deserted beach. Hawaii is truly magical!
Hope this answered your question, have a wonderful stay here!
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Stand up paddle boarding is a perfect activity to do in Hawaii. There are more than one locations that you can find with the ability to paddle board on. It’s a perfect family activity and many beaches offer a calm location for stand up paddle boarding.