North Shore & Hanauma Bay in 1 Day!


We are the only company that offers a North Shore and Haunama Bay combination tour, checking TWO major bucket list items off in ONE DAY!

Call us at 1-808-800-6070 for discounted rates or visit our website:



Hi @Beach_Bus!

Sound fun! We have these two our bucket list. Question though- we had heard that tour buses can only go to Hanauma Bay to park for 5-10 minutes for pictures, is that what you guys do or is it a full on snorkel spot? Thanks!

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It is a full on snorkel spot on our tour. Please give us a call if you have any other questions. 1-808-800-6070



This is definitely a must-do activity in Oahu. Driving by towards the west side of the island for a stop in Hanauma Bay is such a scenic trip. Afterwards, end it with a glorious sunset at sunset beach in North Shore.



Kaye_Rey I’m glad you were able to enjoy some of the most beautiful gems on the island of Oahu! We actually reverse the order you visited to bypass peak hours for our guests. North Shore in the morning and Haunama Bay in the afternoon. Regardless of peak time, it truly is a must-do!