North Shore Beaches


The North Shore is home to some of the best surfing beaches in the world. Since they aren’t all condensed into one strip-like in Waikiki, you’ll also notice that they’re a lot less crowded.

North Shore beaches are also organic, meaning that the sand is natural and is not imported like Waikiki’s.

Not-so-fun fact - more then half the sand at Waimea Bay was mined and used to create Waikiki Beach. Now Waikiki Beach is a mix of sand from Australia, California, and other beaches.

Banzai Pipeline

A spectacular beach with prestigious water that spreads for 3 km in both directions. During the winter it hosts Billabong Pipe Masters surf competition and is an expert only surfing break. In the summer it’s completely flat and great for swimming.

Pipeline is a definite must go to and you’ll feel the energy there.

Haleiwa Beach Park

A large beach park stretching 3 km that consists of the three beaches -

  • Alii Beach next to Haleiwa Boat Harbor
  • Haleiwa Beach where the canoes are parked
  • Pueana Point where beginners practice surfing
Ali'i Beach Park

Local beach, good place to have a picnic, and during the winter a great place to watch whales and surfing. It’s also home of the Baywatch headquarters.

The sand at Ali’i is not so clean and the water is full of rocks, so it’s not many’s favourite beach. It’s also been blown up in recent years by big buses and streams of tourists.

Waimea Bay Beach Park

Great beach with a sandy bottom made famous for a jump rock with a swim through tunnel, the Eddie Big Wave surf competition, and whale watching during winter.

Between November - March Waimea’s good for surfing, and if you’re planning on entering the water during this period, make sure to first check with the lifeguards.

During summer, everyone has fun jumping on the rock, but only when it’s flat. Be careful not to jump on anyone.

Sunset Beach

Really nice beach with a sandy bottom. From June to September Sunset’s good for snorkeling, swimming, and from October to March it’s great for watching surfing. There’s a lifeguard on the beach, and parking, restrooms, and showers across the street.

Beach Safety
  • If sand is wet, it means big surf coming.
  • Never turn your back to the ocean.
  • If in doubt don’t go out.
  • Always check in with the lifeguard if uncertain. They always have time for you.
  • Be careful with valuables. Don’t leave your bag on the beach, and keep it in front of you so nobody can sneak up from behind and take it.
  • Don’t leave anything visible, even a bag of towels in your car.
  • Bring what you need, leave other stuff at the hotel. Thieves sometimes watch where you hide stuff in your car from the woods.
  • Don’t park your car with one side hidden from view, thieves can break in and not be seen.
Lifeguard Patrolled Beaches
  • Sunset Beach
  • Ehukai Beach
  • Rock Piles (across from the skateboard park)
  • Waimea Bay
  • Chun’s Reef
  • Laniakea
  • Haleiwa Beach
  • Ali’i Beach

Thank you North Shore Surf Girls for this info. If you’re looking to surf on the north shore, check them out here.