Must do things in waikiki


what are some must do’s in waikiki? doesn’t matter if it’s touristy.



Aloha @CamilleGrammer!

A very fun activity that should be on everyone’s list of things to do on Waikiki Beach is to take a sunset cruise on a catamaran sailboat. We recently booked a trip on the Holokai, which left from the Outrigger Reef Hotel at 5:00 pm and sailed for 90 minutes out around Diamond Head and back. We took our two friends who were visiting from the mainland with us, and we had a blast! Initially, we were worried that it would be too touristy, as we like to avoid the crowds and tourists. Fortunately, the Holokai limits the amount of people on the boat to 49. That seems like a lot of people, but the boat is quite big and it never felt crowded. For about $50, you get to see an amazing sunset, Waikiki and Diamond Head from the water, and all you can drink beverages including wine, beer, soda, and rum punch. We met people from all over the world, who were all quite jolly and friendly. The crew was great and kept the free drinks flowing. A note for those not used to sailing: In wintertime the wind can be quite strong and you have good chance of sailing without any motor. We experienced a light squall complete with bumps and swells during our trip that made it really fun, but you had to hang on. Bring a light windbreaker or rain jacket just in case you get a patch of rain. For those who get seasick, perhaps wait until the summer months when you will putter about gently with the motor on the whole time. It is not uncommon to see turtles and dolphins along the way, or even a whale further out during the migration season.
There are several companies who run competing charters every day of the week from Waikiki, including Kepoikai, Makani, and Maita’i, so you can choose which one is best for you.

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