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Aloha everyone!

Recently we learned about a “monk seal tour” provided by one of our all-star contributors and we thought it would be fun to learn more about it. @Keiko_Mori, could you tell us more about your monk seal tour?




Aloha everyone!

I started an educational Hawaiian Monk Seal tour on Oahu, Hawaii this June. I met Kaimana (baby monk seal) who was born on Waikiki beach last year and she is the first seal was born on the busy Waikiki beach. I fall in love with Hawaiian Monk Seal. But not many people know about the seal and we need to protect it to grow its population.

Hawaiian Monk Seal is the most endangered marine animal species and is endemic to the Hawaiian Islands. About 1,400 seals total now. It mainly lives in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands about 1,100 seals and in the Main Hawaiian Islands (Kauai, Oahu, Maui, Molokai, and Big Island) about 300 seals. It is protected by the Marine Mammal Protection Act, Endangered Species Act, and Hawai`i state law.

The seal haul-out on the shoreline often because of its 1/3 of life spending on the beach for resting, molting, give birth, and nursing. When the seal on the beach the volunteers go to the site and protect it from human and dogs interaction. The volunteers set SRA zones with the signs.

My tour teaches about Hawaiian Monk Seal and how to protect it. I am a Hawai`i State Professional Tour Guide so with Aloha Spirit I pass on my knowledge about the seal to the guests. After the learning class, my guests receive the certificate for an Ambassador of Hawaiian Monk Seal. Then you will see the seal in the live.

A tour is a small group including, hiking on the shoreline, to see Hawai`i’s wildlife such as Laysan Albatross or Honu, Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle, picnic on the beach, go visit a Hawaiian Monk Seal mural, etc. depending on the tour schedule you choose.!

More details of the tour: visit Monk Seal Tour by Kittie or call (808) 518-7642



@AskWaikiki Mahalo for let me introduce my tour to this group!!


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