Local Favorites


We are asking every Waikiki local business what their favorite local businesses are, and then going to those local businesses and asking them what their favorites are.

Today we started at Star Beach Boys (one of Waikiki’s original beach boy companies), and they said we should check out adventures_ofjess on Instagram for affordable drone photos & videos at Waikiki Beach, Maguro Spot for fresh fish and poke, Kai Coffee for great coffee AND because they’re a strong supporter of the local community, and also Moku Surf Shop which is nearly next door to Star Beach Boys.

When we walked down to Moku Surf Shop, they said to check out Shorefyre Fresh Grill & Bar (next door) for fresh local breakfast, lunch and dinner, and also the newly opened Deck Restaurant at the Queen Kapiolani Hotel, which is a rooftop restaurant & bar with a great happy hour, pool, and an amazing view of Diamond Head Crater and also the beach.

When we went next door to Shorefyre Fresh Grill & Bar, they said to check out Island Vintage Coffee for a nice açai bowl, Tropics Ale House for good drinks, especially on Sundays, and Wolfgang’s Steakhouse for a good cheap happy hour with large portions (try the steak or hamburger sliders, or the steak + two sides + cheesecake for $35ish, it’s enough for two).

Deck Restaurant at the Queen Kapiolani Hotel recommended Local I’a “Community Supported Fishery” for the freshest fish on the island that’s also sustainably fished. If you’d like to try their fresh fish, head down to Mahina & Sun’s at the Surf Jack Hotel.

Queen Kapiolani Hotel valet said to check out Pioneer Saloon for “excellent & unique food,” Health Bar for the “açai bowl paiai,” Ono’s Seafood for the “spicy ahi & miso ahi combo,” the Highway Inn for the “kalua pig combo with side of squid luau,” and Ahi Assassins for “smoked marlin dip.” And if you’re headed to the West side of Oahu, then you have to check out Hanara’s and Shiro’s for their local saimin, and Rocky’s for local style breakfast.

Stay tuned for more, we’re continuing the walk soon…

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I second Kai Coffee. I start every morning there and can’t wait for their new location at the Alohilani Resort to open.

Also, Zippy’s on Kapahulu Ave because they have my favorite chilli, I love their chicken, and their loco moco’s really good too. On occasion I’ll grab their Zip Pac which comes with 1pc teriyaki-marinated beef, Spam, breaded hook, and fried chicken on a bed of rice.

AND…Rainbow Drive-in because they have plate lunches that’ll make you want to go lay down.



Aloha Everyone!!

Born and raised on O’ahu I am stoked to share my version of local favorites in town and what I order at each spot :slight_smile:

Breakfast Spots
Bogarts Cafe - Literally EVERYTHING on their menu is AMAZING…their instagram and website can confirm that! :wink: However, my absolute favorite is their Crab and Avocado Omlette made with real crab, fluffy eggs and seasoned potatoes! YUM!

da Cove Health Bar and Cafe - BEST ACAI BOWLS EVER! You will never find an acai bowl like theirs! Their “da hawaiian” acai bowl is so unique because they add pa’i’ai! Pa’i’ai is undiluted poi, a cultural topping made from taro! Along with pa’i’ai you can expect real acai, fresh strawberries & bananas, granola, amazing honey and bee pollen! You will not find a better acai bowl in all of Hawai’i!

Da Cove Acai Bowl

Cafe Kaila - Terrific little spot for breakfast! Don’t be alarmed if there is a wait time to be seated… quality food + quality service = busy restaurant! They have something for everyone!

Lunch Spots
Ono Seafood - So many eateries claim to sell the best most freshest poke(raw fish)! If you know anything about Hawai’i you MUST know that the locals are crazy about poke! Besides homemade poke, the best place to get poke is Ono Seafood! Every poke shop is differentiated by their own style sauce and the quality of the fish! Ono Seafood has mastered both! You will NEVER find another poke shop that sells fresh fish (bought fresh every morning from the auction) and their signature sauces. A personal favorite is their spicy ahi but don’t hesitate to try their other poke before making a decision!

Highway Inn - If you want quality Hawaiian food PLEASE check out Highway Inn located in Kaka’ako! Like Poke, be careful where you experience “Hawaiian Food”! Highway Inn is an absolute favorite and has NEVER disappointed! Kalua Pig and cabbage is an absolute favorite! I get a side order of raw onion and soak it in chili pepper water and eat it like I would kimchi … throughout my meal :slight_smile: If you’re feeling adventurous, order a side of squid luau… you’ll thank me later :wink: Honestly, EVERYTHING on their menu is guaranteed to blow your mind! Enjoy the best Hawaiian food at Highway Inn :wink:

Dinner Spots
Uncle Bo’s Pupu Bar and Grill - Great for pupus (appetizers), dinner and drinks! Really good food and nice decor! Favorites = Dynamite shrimp, Boca Rota, Thai Style Clams, Crab Cake, Never Ever Garlic Ribeye, and their warm fudge brownie ala mode!



I second the Boca Rota at Uncle Bo’s. It’s my favourite dish in all of Waikiki/close to Waikiki.




If you like Udon…Marukame is DA BOMB! Super cheap too for Waikiki standards…the line looks long but worth the wait, so good.

I also second Da Cove & Uncle Bo’s!!

Diamond Head Market also has really good blueberry cream cheese scones inside and their breakfast (fried rice) is some of the best…They’re dinner is delicious too, recommend the salmon plate! MMMM



We love so many businesses on Oahu, here are a few that spring to mind :slight_smile:

For a great circle island tour, with special personalized touches, and free photography
Hi5 Tours

For a private tour with only your own family, that leaves you feeling more like a local:
Oahu Private tours

For the best coffee and friendly staff
Kai Coffee

Food outside of Waikiki :slight_smile: Diamond Head Area
Cafe Moreys

Local food! Plate lunches & yummy bakery desserts
Diamond Head Grill



If you’d like to rent a convertible from a local company and explore Oahu on your own, check out




Kai Coffee is a good way to start your day…:grinning:

They have on in the Hyatt Regency and a newly opened on at the Alohilani Hotel. Both of them are across the street from Waikiki Beach.



The Rice Place for lunch/dinner in Cooked street, its a hidden spot, very easy to miss when passing by but worth the search. fantastic Vietnamese fusion restaurant.

Thai Pork skewers $11.99

Grilled Tri-Tip $12.99

Moku Kitchen in Kakaako known as Farm to Table restaurant.

This is the best kale salad I’ve found on Oahu.