Length of stay?


How long should you plan stay on holiday?



Aloha @RollinBill,

7-10 days is perfect, especially if it’s your first time.

Less than 7 and you can’t see or do enough, and more than 10 you had better have some $ to spend or be a good independent planner- it is possible to get bored of Waikiki if you’re staying here and are not good at planning excursions.

A few things to keep in mind…

  1. Waikiki is the most commercial part of Hawaii and it’s small. Make sure to get out to the North Shore, East Side, and/or West Side. Do an island tour or hire a car and do a circle island drive early in your trip so you know how/where to spend the rest of your trip.
  2. It’s pretty cheap ($160 roundtrip) to visit other islands, and you can leave Oahu early in the morning, explore, and then come back at night.

I’d say 10 days is the sweet spot- enough days to explore, shop, relax, have some flexibility but not too much empty time to fill.