Is Waimea Falls worth it?


Can anyone share their experience with Waimea Falls?



Aloha @LaurasLife!

Waimea Falls is a lovely botanical/cultural park that consists of paved walkways through lush gardens dotted with replicas of an ancient Hawaiian village. You will be able to see things like thatched sleeping and eating houses as well as demonstrations like weaving, carving, or storytelling. The main attraction is the waterfall, which is set back a mile from the entrance. It is possible to swim in the pool below the falls, which makes it an extremely busy and popular place during the summer months and school holidays. Be ready in your suit as there is only one restroom near the falls where you can change. Also, call ahead to see if the swimming hole is “open”, since acts of nature like mudslides and heavy rain can close public access to it. If you like gentle, family friendly walks, cultural attractions, easily accessible waterfalls and botanical gardens, it’s a great way to spend a few hours. The surrounding valley is extremely beautiful and you will see many exquisite plants, flowers, and birds on the walk to the falls. If you are feeling like action and adventure that day, it might be too tame.

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