Iphone photography tricks!


Aloha all!

We get asked a lot because of our job about how to take better pictures with your phone, or if it is even possible to take great shots. Well, the answer is yes! Here are some tips to help take better pictures with your phone, and I will post another about Samsung as well!

  1. Exposure compensation (making your picture brighter or darker before taking it)
    Once you have the camera on with your phone, touch anywhere on the screen quickly and notice a yellow square that pops up on the screen. That is where you will be focusing. Once the yellow square pops up you can take your finger next to the square and slowly slide it up or down and watch how the image will get brighter or darker.

  2. HDR - This stands for High Dynamic Range and your camera will take three images, an overexposed, and underexposed and a normally exposed image and blend them all together into one image. Your phones will have it on auto, however, if you go into the settings on your phone and scroll down to the camera section you can turn the smart or auto HDR off and then the option will be selectable from your camera app.

  3. You can use the volume buttons to take pictures instead of the regular shutter button in the app. If you have headphones that have volume control, you can use it as a remote shutter as well.

  4. Download the app Snapseed. It is a Google-owned app that is still free and is so amazing to use for editing. I use it every day and the most common thing is basic color corrections and removing things from the image. For instance, if you take a beautiful picture of a mountain and there is a telephone pole in the way, you can use the app to remove it in less then 10 seconds. Boom.

  5. Crooked picture? When previewing the image click on edit in the corner, and click the crop tool. The Iphone now literally will auto level the image once you click it for you!!!

These are just a few of the many things you can do using just your phone! If you want to learn more we always spend time teaching as much as we can about phone photography on all of the tours we offer! To see what we offer check out

Mahalo for your time!

-De-Jay / Tour Manager for Oahu Photography Tours