How to tip bartenders, servers, etc



Here’s a guide that came from actually walking around Waikiki and asking those working in each industry “how should tourists tip you?”

This is what they said…

Restaurant Server

Many servers get paid $10.10 per hour and rely on tips as their main source of income.

Surf Instructor

15-20%, usually turns out to be $15-20.


$1-2 per drink or 15-22% of the total bill.
Bartenders also rely heavily on tips, and you’ll notice the quality of service and even the strength of the drinks increase with tips.

Uber Drivers

Uber recently enabled the ability to tip on their app, and tipping is appreciated and is expected now.

Hotel Housekeeping

$5 - $20
Hotel housekeepers get paid normal hourly wages and do not rely heavily on tips. That being said, if you really trash your hotel room or feel that they are doing an exceptional job, then it’s nice to tip but not expected.

Taxi Drivers

For a 10 min ride around $3, for a 20-30 min ride from $5-10.
It depends on how long your ride is, the condition of the car, and the professionalism of the driver.

Shuttle Drivers

Around $5.
Shuttle drivers get paid an hourly, and hope for tips but don’t necessarily rely on them.

Tour Guides

10-20% of the total or $10-20 per person.
Tour guides get paid hourly but still do greatly rely on tips.
If it’s a tour guide and a driver working as a team, they always split tips.


$5 to bring a car up would be nice.
Valet usually get a reasonable hourly rate but also rely on tips.


$5+ depending on how much they help you carry. $5 - $10 if they help you move an entire family’s luggage.
Bellhops get paid an hourly rate but greatly appreciate tips and expects them if they help you carry luggage.


10-20%, depending on the experience. If it’s satisfactory, 10% is fine. If you feel it was really good and you could tell an extra effort was taken to make sure it was exactly what you wanted, then 20%.


10% is a courtesy tip for doing a satisfactory job, and 15-20% if an extra effort was made and you’re satisfied.
Hairdressers get paid a normal hourly but do hope for tips.

Exotic Dancers

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Tandem Skydive Instructor

In Hawaii they expect $20.

If anyone can add to this or disagrees please drop it below. There’s no “perfect answer” to how to tip and different perspectives are welcomed :call_me_hand:t4: