How to get off work?


Does anyone have tips on how to get more leave from work?



I never ask off work, I let them know that I’m going to be gone this day to that day and ask what I can do NOW to make sure everything will run smoothly while I’m out.

It may sound silly or unrealistic, but I promise it works. If you say it with confidence, as if it’s already set in stone and there is 0% chance you can do anything about it, they’re really left with a choice to either fire you (which they won’t do) or make it work.

Time after time I’ve seen coworkers ask for time off and get denied, while I just tell them long in advance, as if I’m doing them a favour, that I’m going to be gone from this day to that day and want to know what I should do now to make sure everything goes smoothly while I’m gone.

Here’s a tip though, don’t lie about why you’re out, that will come back to bite you. Just let them know you’ve always wanted to go to Hawaii, life is short, you found a great deal, did an impulse buy, and you’re going. There’s plenty of time to prepare, so ask them what you need to do to help them prepare.

I’ve even had managers, after they realise I am going for sure, crack a smile and say, “well, there’s nothing you really need to do, just in the future try to be better about…”

Best of luck, see you beachside!

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