Hikes around Waikiki


What are some hikes close to Waikiki for a less experienced hiker?

I have done Koko crater and Diamond head last time but bringing my sister this time and dont think Koko will be doable for her but would love a similar view.
Thank you :blush:



Aloha @Heni_Davoren-Hansen!

Lanikai Pillbox is it. It’s easy, 25ish minutes drive from Waikiki, and absolutely beautiful. Difficulty-wise, if Diamond Head is a 1 and Koko is a 5, put Lanikai at a 2.5.

-Great place for a sunrise
-No street parking on holidays
-Bring some water, there’s no shade
-Afterward, Lanikai Beach is walking distance away, so you can go straight there to cool down.
-You’ll also find Island Snow shave ice (where former president Obama used to go) on the way back + a nice pizza shop next door

Here’s the view