Hawaii Island Tours - Go big or small?


What are the pros & cons of doing tours on

  • 60 passenger motor coaches
  • 25 passenger buses
  • 10-15 passenger vans
  • minivans, jeeps, & cars


10 - 15 passenger is the best because the driver knows all his/her guests in person. He/she can make a tour more flexibility. Plus, many venues are not big so you don’t need to wait on the line for purchasing some souvenirs, use a toilet, etc.

Most Tour Operators in Hawai`i use 25 passenger buses.

Minivans, Jeeps, or cars are independent tour by yourself or a private tour. With a private tour is more rooms and experience own plan, but the price is much higher than a group tour.

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Aloha & Mahalo’s, Kevo

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