Hawaii GMOs & Natural Food


What’s the GMO situation in Hawaii? Where are the best places to get natural food and how do you know? Thanks!



Here is a good article that explains about Hawaii and GMOs- https://livingnongmo.org/2018/10/18/gmos-in-the-aloha-state-biotechs-passion-for-hawaii/

Down to Earth Organic & Natural has 6 stores in Hawaii. Here is their statement about GMOs:

Down to Earth is striving to:

  1. Promote the sale of Non-GMO foods, i.e. food products that do not contain GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms)

  2. Reduce the number of products that potentially contain GMOs

  3. Limit and control the introduction of any new products that may contain GMOs

We are doing this by:

  1. Promoting and favoring organic foods, and foods which are Non-GMO Project Verified, in our decisions on:

a. Positioning of products in our flyers, on our endcaps, and in the best locations on our shelves

b. New products

  1. Encouraging all suppliers of existing products that may contain GMOs to strive to become GMO free and seek Non-GMO Project Verification

  2. Not selling single-item GMO products (e.g. produce items such as Rainbow Papayas, and bulk foods)

  3. Making our delis as GMO-free as possible

  4. Not adding new food products that we are unable to establish are GMO free. New products must have either:

a. Organic certification

b. The Non-GMO Project Verified seal, or

c. Written certification from the manufacturer or producer that the product is GMO free

  1. Requiring farmers to provide certification from the Hawaii Department of Agriculture that their papayas are Non-GMO

For more info find Down to Earth at https://www.downtoearth.org

Hope this is helpful!