Have fun, surfs up! - Moku Hawai'i


Moku Hawai’i is centrally located and about 1 block away from Waikiki beach. Fair pricing but just know that your time ends 24 hrs from when you rent it. They are open at 6 am and it’s best to go early for the best selection of boards. They have a locker (basket) to keep valuables when you’re surfing and if you need to change out they have a changing room.

The best part about renting multi days with Moku Hawai’i is that they will hold the board so you don’t need to lug your board back to the hotel.

The staff are great! Have fun, surfs up!

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I do not recommend Moku, the guy on the right side of the picture was very mean to me when I rent a board from them. He makes me feel very uncomfortable and aggressive. I would go to next door Star Beach Boys (the real local) to rent the board $10 for 2 hours (tax free). Instead of Moku $7+tax per hour, and you don’t know what he will do to you, depending on his mood.