Found the best Fish 'n' Chips on the Island!


Instagram @Kiwistylefishnchips Yum!!!

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For it to be truly Kiwi Style, there are 2 essential ingredients 8-).
Do they have L&P?
Do they have Watties Tomato Sauce?

(If not, we’ll bring some with us).

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Legend!!! Bring plenty :wink:



Started packing…



Help us non-Kiwis out… what’s L&P and what’s so special about Watties Tomato Sauce?

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So “L&P” is “Lemon & Paeoroa”.
It’s kinda like Sprite, but with a little bit extra flavor (lemon) and goes perfectly with fish&chips down by the beach.

It often has quite funny TV adverts and has the slogan “World Famous in New Zealand” (basically reinforcing what you’ve said - ie it’s famous/well-known - but only in New Zealand).

Watties tomato sauce is another “kiwi thing”. Classic thing to do is grab some fish & chips, wrapped in newsprint paper and grab a “rip & dip” can of Watties tomato sauce to go with it (rip&dip = a small can of sauce with a pull tab for taking the top of the can off).

People have Watties with their fish&chips, and kids often put it on EVERYTHING they possibly can.
As noted in the (old) TV advert, “You’ll never be a kiwi til you love our Watties sauce”



Legend!!! Stable diet if you ask me lol



Sand Villa has great fish n chips