Enjoy your vacation even in the rain!


So with this rain, we have been having there has been a lot of damp spirits (pun intended)
There is still so much to go see and do while the rain is here. Here is a list of our three favorite things to do when the rain has you down.

  1. Bishop Museum - This place is epic for many reasons, original buildings, beautiful exhibits and a ton of history about this beautiful island!
  2. Look for waterfalls - TLC was wrong, you should totally go chasing the waterfalls, take a drive along the H-3 and look at the waterfalls that may form along the mountains after a heavy rain!
  3. Catch a rainbow - This is the Rainbow State! When the sun is behind you and the rain is in front, follow your shadow into the sky and you will find a rainbow if there is one to be seen!

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There is so much more to do out here when it rains, stay positive and enjoy your vacation!