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I’m going to Hawaii in March and going camping on Kauai in 4x4 truck with a rooftop tent I rented from outdoorsy.com.

I found this blog post on what it’s really like to drive and camp around Kauai to be very useful (there are probably similar rules in Oahu):

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Parking is expensive in Waikiki so if you don’t get a carpark with your hotel you need to budget between $30-50USD in your budget per day. Yes per day.

My advice, rent a car on a day basis. But not two days in a row - I’d pay $50 instead of the pick up and drop off time involved. But more rent it on day two or three then again on day 5. Or alternatively use all the amazing transport on the island. Tours, Da Bus, Uber, Shuttle. Its super easy and affordable.



Here are some tips from our Aussie’s Guide to Hawaii Facebook group…

  • you can turn right on red after you’ve come to a complete (not rolling) stop.
  • “righty tighty, lefty loosey”… when you turn right stay to the kerb, when you turn left make a wide turn
  • take the GPS when offered
  • Download & save the Google map of Honolulu before you leave and you can use it without internet/data. You won’t need GPS if you have this.
  • Download “Here we go” app.
  • Bring Aussie license and passport with you
  • Don’t leave anything visible in the car while parked
  • Don’t bring unnecessary valuables with you, leave them in your hotel safe.

Please add more if you have them :wink:




If you’re parking along the Ala Wai canal make sure you read the sign. Every Monday and Friday morning they tow.



Watch for people crossing in cross walks and old people…
Many people getting hit here on OAHU…