Dole Pineapple Plantation tips?


Can anyone share tips & thoughts on Dole Plantation? Thanks for the help!


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Aloha @DarylD!

TIP 01- If you want to do the pineapple maze or Pineapple Express train, you’ll need to go there on your own, not with a tour. If you just want to see it and try the ice cream, almost all of the island tours stop there as their last stop before heading back to Waikiki.

TIP 02- When you get there you’ll see multiple long lines for their famous pineapple ice cream, but don’t automatically line up in the first you see (like everyone does). Most just see a line and line up there. Instead, walk all the way around to the back, and many times you’ll see lines with 1/2 the number of people.

TIP 03- If you’re on a tour and plan to tip, that’s usually the last stop with an ATM.

TIP 04- Watch out for the pearl traps! You’ll see pearl stands outside and they’ll have you do a drawing to see if you win a pearl. Almost everyone does and then they’ll try to hard sell you on mounting it on some overpriced jewelry. Very nice people, but it’s a hustle for sure!

TIP 05- If you cannot make it up to Dole but really want to try the Dole Whip pineapple ice cream, you can find it in Waikiki at the Duty-Free Store and one place next to Waikiki Beach’s police station, but I forgot the name. If someone knows please write it below.


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It’s a good place to shop for souvenirs, they have everything on one floor. And the pineapple ice cream is a must. FYI- the ice cream isn’t made with dairy, so those who have trouble with dairy can still enjoy it.



Right before you get to Dole Plantation there is a really nice coffee farm called Green World Coffee Farm. It’s a good place to sample different blends, walk through the plantation, and drink some good coffee.

If you’re a drinker, not too far from Dole there’s also Ko Hana Distillers, where you can pick up some locally made Hawaiian rum! They also give tours of the distillery.