Currency Exchange


Where’s the best place in Waikiki to exchange money? Is it better to do at home, at the airport, or in Waikiki?

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Typical currency exchange services in airports offer bad rates but are useful for convenience if you need some quick USD. Ideally you want to exchange your currency locally before you leave on your trip, as it removes a lot of uncertainty. However, if you require more USD while you are staying in Hawaii, there are a few convenient recommendations I can make. If looking to exchange yen to USD, the best place to go to is Pacific Money Exchange, which deals specifically in USD and yen exchanges. For all other currencies, or if Pacific Money Exchange is out of USD to exchange for the day, I would recommend going to Duty Free Galleria Currency Exchange. Both Pacific Money Exchange and Duty Free Galleria Currency Exchange offer solid rates. However, for both locations it is recommended to go there early in the day as they tend to run out of exchangeable currency fast.

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There is a money exchange on Kuhio side of the international market place.

Near Saks fifth Ave

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