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How’s Blue Note? Is it just blues music? What kind of crowd, dress, etc?



Aloha @lisalee!

The Blue Note attracts all types of musicians and people, not just blues music. Tickets range from $25-$125 depending on the act. Keep in mind there is also a $10 per person minimum food and drink charge once you are in. Since it’s a small venue, none of the seats are bad, so consider getting a seat at the bar if you are on a budget. A lot of people go there in large parties with friends, family, or coworkers to celebrate special occasions. It’s also popular with tourists from everywhere. Get there at least an hour before showtime as seating is first-come, first-served within each ticket section. Unless you have a party of four, expect to share your table with strangers. The crowd will also depend on the act, but a good rule for anything on Waikiki is to dress upscale casual for a night out. For a complete schedule go to Blue Note Hawaii.

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No, there are many different music, include Hawaiian Na Hoku award winnders, Japanese singers, Blues, local to International musicians.

I enjoyed the visit to Blue Note. The food was great too. Yes, food is optional. If you just want to listen to the music you can as well.

Dress code is Hawaiian casual.
go to this site –

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The moment you step into the Blue Note Waikiki you are transported to another era. An era where you put on your finest and a classic martini is the only acceptable cocktail to order. The Waikiki staple of this world recognized music venue is unique by offering a wide variety of tastes. From the toe-tapping jazz standards you are just likely to be, swaying to national reggae acts, to getting down with your friends on the dance floor to the most prominent international DJ’s and producers. The dim candlelit room complimented by cool blue hues makes this by far the best music venue out of all the Hawaiian Islands.

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Blue Note At the Outrigger Waikiki