Best way from Honolulu airport to Waikiki?


What’s the best way to get from Honolulu airport to Waikiki? Is there one shuttle service better than the other? How’s it compare to taxi or bus? thnx.



There are one-way shuttles from around $13-18 per person, and roundtrip shuttles from $18-35 (depending on which service you choose)

If you taxi you’re looking at around $35 one-way + $5+ tip. Uber does pick up at the airport now and you can get a regular car for around $35. You could take the public bus $2.50, but they do not allow luggage, just one carry on bag.

When you do the math, a taxi or Uber is best. It’s fast (20 mins), easy, takes you directly to your hotel (if it’s a shuttle you’ll make a few stops at other hotels) and you can ask the driver for some local info along the way.

*If you’re taking an Uber or taxi back to the airport it’s best not to have it pick you up on Kalakaua Ave (the main strip) because they can’t really stop and wait. If you’re in a rush to catch a flight you don’t want to run around looking for your car. Ask that they pick you up on a backstreet or valet area.

Hope this helps! Welcome to Hawaii :cherry_blossom::tropical_fish::palm_tree:



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