Best time to visit Hawaii?


When is the best time to visit Hawaii? Does it matter which island?



Hawai`i’s temperature is avarage 80 F degrees all year around.
It has hurricane and rainy season but it is not all day rainy. It is mix of sunny, crowdy, and rain. That is why there are many rainbows show up.

The winter’s low temperature is sometime in 60 F degrees in the morning and the evening, daytime is still in 80 F degrees and the summer’s high temperature is in high 80 F degrees.

The Holiday season and the Summer Vacation time will be more visitors to the Hawaiian Islands.

All Hawaiian Islands are very similar weather.
Each island, Eastside of the island is wet, many rain and Westside of the island is more dryer and beautiful sunsets.

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Something else to consider is timing your holiday with what events are taking place.

For example, if you are dying to see big surf and surf competitions on Oahu, then you MUST go between December & February. The surf is huge on the north shore during that time and that is when the competitions are held.

If you want to stay up on the north shore and also want to swim in the water, you’ll want to go during the summer when the north shore is flat and safe.