Best place to see Turtles


Where is the best place to see Turtles in nature (not captivity)?



Aloha @Juliette_Banks!

If you’re staying in Waikiki, the closest guaranteed place is to take a snorkel catamaran, like the Holokai, out to Turtle Canyon. It’s a beautiful 30 min ride with a view of Waikiki & Diamond Head. There you’ll see 20-30 turtles guaranteed, and you can swim up to 2-3 meters from them.

If you are prone to sea sickness though, make sure to take your meds and bring them as well. You’ll probably feel it.




Laniakea Beach in North Shore. This beach’s nickname is Turtle Beach.
Always Honu, Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle is being around this beach.
It is a famous tourist spot!
Address: 574, 61-574 Pohaku Loa Way, Haleiwa, HI 96712
Near by Haleiwa town.

Hawaiian Green Sea Turlte protected by the state and federal laws so we cannot captive them, same as Hawaiian Monk Seal.

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Oh that sounds fun. Does it get rough?



For the catamarans, they don’t get too rough, but since people do like to get splashed, usually the captain will make an effort to go into the waves for fun. And it is fun, everyone likes it, that is, unless you suffer from sea sickness.

As for Laniakea aka Turtle Beach, the waves will get rough during the winter months, ie November to March. During those months don’t expect to get in the water and snorkel with them.



You’ll also find lots of sea turtles in the Anahulu River on the north shore. You can rent SUPs and kayaks at Tsue’s Farm or Tropical Rush and paddle along with them.

FYI Tropical Rush is also where you see that popular angel wing photo taken.

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Ohhhh I always wondered where that is. Thanks!