Best Hawaii Travel Dates


What are the best travel dates?

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Airfare is mostly consistent between the seasons, though you may notice some price increases during prime travel dates (holidays, spring break, summer vacations). Otherwise, it’s a matter of personal opinion and the desired activities you want to experience in deciding when to visit. Hawaii is a great place to visit year round with plenty of activities and things to do all year. The weather is generally good, with winter months being a little more rainy than summer. But, the weather doesn’t stop us from getting outside and in the water! Just be mindful that some activities are better done during certain seasons. For example, below is a picture of Sharks Cove on the North Shore, which is a great snorkeling place in the summer (without sharks!) but as you can see waves can get rough and stormy in the winter. I would recommend researching your must-do activities and then seeing if there is a preferred season to do them during! Happy planning!




Airfaie is cheapest from late August through late April. Kayak and Cheapoair are your best services for low airfare. Cheapoair even offers a payment program that allows you to pay your way throughout the following months during and after booking.

Rates go up during the summer as that is the most popular time for travelers to visit with the school session being out and the weather all-around being warmer in the U.S.

The best months to travel would be anytime between August-October or March-April. October ends whale watching season. The later months are Hawaii winter which is rainy season and not best for outdoor activities. March and April are warm and you can also catch some whales, swim with dolphins and go on a variety of hikes. These months are also listed under the lowest fly rates for being off season, not to mention the beautiful sunsets!

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