Best 3 meals in Waikiki?


If you could only eat at 3 restaurants in Waikiki, what would they be?




For breakfast, I recommend eating at the Eggs 'n Things. They have two locations in Waikiki, one close to Fort DeRussy and the other one is on Kalakaua Street, and one more near the Ala Moana Center, which is located near but not in Waikiki. They have an excellent breakfast menu.

For lunch, I recommend going to Duke’s Waikiki. They have a great lunch buffet, and they are located on Kalakaua Street, which is in the heart of Waikiki.

Finally, for dinner, I recommend going to the Top of Waikiki. Their dinner menu is extremely well done, and they have a great view. The restaurant spins around, so the view is different throughout the night.




Kyledetke, Eggs 'n Things has THREE locations. Third one is at Ala Moana Center. It is a little bit off from the stores so not many people noticed. It located on Piikoi Street. There is a small stores strip include Nijiya Japanese Market and Shoes for Less. Because it is on off major street, they don’t have a long lines for the breakfast, but it has all same menues as main restaurants have.

Duke’s Waikiki has Breakfast buffet, the lunch time is not buffet. It has a great menues as well.

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Aloha Keiko_Mori,

I appreciate the information.

I have also noticed the Eggs 'n Things at Ala Moana Center has less of a line for breakfast. Also, with the increased tourists coming in late December/January, I expect there to be more visitors at the Eggs 'n Things and at Duke’s Waikiki as well.


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You’re welcome Kyledetke!
I live in Honolulu, Oahu and am a local travel agent. I love to help travelers : )


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